Arminius — The Roper Report

In continuation of the follow-up discussion to the Balk Right roundtable conversation between Billy Roper, Harold Covington, Dr. Michael Hill, and Tom Kawczynski, the question of the dispensation of U.S. military forces in a balkanization scenario raises the specter of Arminius, a German nobleman who swore an oath of allegiance to Rome and served the legions until his people needed him. Then, as Robert E. Lee and thousands of other Federal officers and enlisted men did in the last American civil war, he changed sides and turned on his masters, dealing them a crushing blow. Today, thousands of White soldiers are returning home after serving combat tours of duty in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other third world hellholes, embittered against their government yet thankful for the training they have received…

via Arminius — The Roper Report

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