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AMAZON IS UNDER FIRE as book authors question the company’s less than transparent system of royalty payments. A Google search discovers the concerns of hundreds of authors expressing disquiet over ‘unrecorded royalties’.

meme unorganised truth

Amazon’s profitability is hit further as hundreds of books, many by prominent historians, are removed from buyers choice. The censorship happened after Jewish pressure groups complained about the sale of books that investigate holocaust related fraud.

Amazon bans 1,000s of books

Amazon customers increasingly complain that shipping costs are too high and delivery times poor. Now, to cap it all, a poor press results in concerned buyers returning to more traditional shopping methods.


Shockingly, Amazon now admits that…

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2 thoughts on “AMAZON UNDER FIRE

  1. Thank you….. the internet is burning mainstream media to the ground, as predicted by another dissident journalist, Julian Assange. These stories are the tinder-wood… light it by sharing as it is inflammable.


    1. I will share this until it shines like the surface of millions of suns…let them keep trying to censor us it will only serve to galvanize us as a race and makes all the more stalwart against them…gods, my hatred for them makes me all the more determined to exposed them at all costs…sharing these articles are just another weapon in my arsenal…..


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