About Me

vectorgraphicsI am a woman of European descent. I am first generation American and 48 years old. I am an advocate for pro-European issues and concerns. I am a National Socialist and an Odinist. I am a woman of rock solid convictions and therefore, I am going to be broadcasting with that kind of heart and spirit.

2 thoughts on “About Me

    1. thank you that is the whole point of me putting my heart into this, My radio broadcast has that same heart into it “hate speech” is more jew nonsense freedom of speech is just that, freedom to express one’s view whether one agrees with it or no, in a healthy society people would be debating, at the end shake hands and walk away non the wiser…but now a days speaking the truth will get you heavy jail time, how very Orwellian, thank you for liking what I have to say, please spread the truth it is welcomed and much needed

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